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Martha Kearney IS A PRESENTER ON BBC RADIO 4’S TODAY PROGRAMME and has developed a reputation as one of the bbc's most respected political journalists.

Before joining the Today programme, she hosted The World At One (BBC Radio 4) for eleven years. She has also presented a number of documentaries on BBC 2 and BBC 4 on history, literature, nature and art.

Martha has presented The Secret World of Lewis Carroll, Great Irish Journeys with Martha Kearney (BBC 4) and Jane Austen: The Unseen Portrait? (BBC 2). In the Books That Made Britain series she presented a special on East Anglia: The Scene of the Crime (BBC4)

Martha presented The Great Butterfly Adventure: Africa to Britain with the Painted Lady (BBC4), and being a keen apiarist she’s hosted The Wonder of BeesWho Killed The Honey Bee? (BBC 4), and Hive Alive (BBC 2). 

Martha began her journalistic career in radio, and worked as Lobby Correspondent for LBC/IRN, before joining Channel 4’s Week in Politics team. She has been political editor of Newsnight and presented Radio 4’s Woman's Hour for nearly a decade. She is now a regular presenter on the Today programme (BBC Radio 4).

Martha has won the Sony Radio Bronze Award and been nominated for a BAFTA for her coverage of Northern Ireland peace process. 



Literary travelogues, Irish Journeys, Jane Austen portrait and Bronte documentary, long time presenter of The Review Show. 

Bee Keeper. 

presenter World At One, political editor of Newsnight, Woman's Hour, BAFTA nominated broadcaster.